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Use our Mobile App to Find Homes on the Go!

keller-williams-appHi Everyone!

BIG NEWS! I just launched my mobile app, and I am very excited to share it with my clients, future clients, friends, and family.

Let’s get right to it: Click Here to Download the StartPackingUp Mobile App

Why Download the App?

My mobile app is the perfect tool for searching and finding home while you are on the go. Whether you are one of my active clients, thinking about buying or selling a home in the future, or just want to be nosy, my mobile app will help you easily find and learn about homes currently on the market.

What Types of Information Are Available on the App?

Well, obviously you can find and search for homes on the market. But with my mobile app, you can also find open house and even houses for rent. How cool is that?

What Kinds of Devices Does the App Work On?

Home buyers and sellers have all sorts of mobile devices, so its important that my mobile app works for everyone. You can download my app here either on Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

I’m Not in Jacksonville… Can I Still Use Your Real Estate App?

You bet! Whether you are looking for a home in Jacksonville, South Carolina, California, or the Saharan Desert, my mobile app can help you find it. Okay, maybe not the Saharan Desert, but pretty much everywhere else.

Okay, I’m Convinced… What Do I Do Now?

Download the app! 🙂